Béarn Pyrénées

Aramits • Vallée de Barétous • Béarn Pyrénées

Aramits, is a 10 min walk from the Domaine into the village with all its amenities. Full of charm the village impresses with its authenticity, its architectural heritage, and its proximity to some of the most beautiful sights in the region.The most famous son of Aramits was Henry d’Aramitz, who served as the inspiration for Alexandre Dumas’s character Aramis in “The Three Musketeers”.In September the well-known yearly “Fête des Berger” celebrates the return of the shepherds from the ‘transhumance’, the return from the summer pastures up in the mountains, with demonstrations of traditional living, craft markets, cheese tasting, and so many more activities.

Vallée de Barétous

The Vallée de Barétous, is the most occident of the three Béarnaise valleys and the last before the Pas Basque. The pastoral valley starts right after Oloron-Sainte-Maire and connects with the Spanish Roncal Valley by the pass of the Pierre-Saint-Martin which is a paradise for Alpine skiing, whereas Issarbe is reserved for Nordic skiing. The whole valley is the ideal place for all variations of cycle tourism and all other sportive activities all year round.
Every summer there are plenty of festivities in the villages of the valley and in the neighboring valleys. From cheese making to competitions that demonstrate the work of the shepherd dogs to visits of the cayolars, the cabins of the shepherds, there is a huge range of offerings.
Visits to the Grotte de la Verna, the Gorges de Kakuetta, the Vallée d’Aspe, the Vallée d’Ossau, and the Pyrénées National Park are only a few attractions to be named.