Event Space

Grand Hall

The Grand Hall sounds like a magnificent venue for events! With its impressive size of 120 square meters and high ceilings, it provides ample space and a sense of grandeur. The capacity to accommodate around 100-120 people for a sit-down event ensures that there’s enough room for guests to be comfortably seated.
Additionally, the connection to an open space Mezzanine terrace adds another dimension to the venue. The Mezzanine terrace provides an outdoor area that can be utilized for various purposes such as cocktail receptions, networking sessions, or simply as an extension of the event space. It offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and panoramic views while still being connected to the main Grand Hall.

Conclusion All Together

Overall, the combination of the Grand Hall and the Mezzanine terrace creates a versatile and visually appealing setting for a wide range of events, from weddings and corporate meetings, to exhibitions and gala dinners.