Event Space

South Room

The South Room sounds like a delightful and versatile space, perfect for hosting a variety of events. Its sun-drenched atmosphere, thanks to the large glass windows, creates a bright and inviting ambiance. The views of the pool area and terraces further enhance the room’s appeal, providing a scenic backdrop for any occasion.

With direct access to the pool area, the South Room offers convenience and a seamless connection to outdoor spaces. This accessibility can be particularly enjoyable during gatherings that involve poolside activities or al fresco dining.

The open layout of the South Room allows for flexible event arrangements, accommodating different types of occasions. The connection to the ORCHARD BAR, featuring a medium Grand piano, adds a touch of elegance and creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. This area can be utilized for smaller events, such as cocktail parties, small receptions, or even live music performances.

The presence of a mezzanine adds an extra dimension to the South Room. This cozy space, complete with a leather sofa, provides a peaceful retreat for relaxation and quiet moments. It serves as an ideal spot to unwind, read a book, or engage in intimate conversations away from the main event area. Additionally, the mezzanine can serve as a space for a DJ during smaller parties, providing a dedicated area for entertainment.

Conclusion All Together

In summary, the South Room offers a combination of natural light, direct access to the pool area, and various interconnected spaces, making it a versatile setting for a range of events. Whether it’s a small gathering, a cocktail party, or a relaxing retreat, this space provides an inviting and adaptable environment.