Meet The Owners

When we first discovered the property it was mixed feelings. It was love at first sight with the stunning views over the smooth rolling hills towards the majestic mountains and the position of the site. The complex itself with its many buildings was far from perfect, but we immediately recognized the potential and had a vision of how what that place will look like in the future and took to work. Now, two years later after we have been working hard, we have build a jewel exactly the way we imagined.

The question we are asked most frequently is why did we settle in this region, in this place, and not elsewhere? After spending most of our lives living in metropolitan areas from Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Paris to New York, and traveling the world for our work, we wanted a place that is calm and peaceful and far away from all that hustle and bustle of our professions. We are both still active in our respective creative métiers, Angelika as a fashion/beauty photographer and book author and I, Jens Eric, as an antique/art dealer and interior consultant.

Focus On Quality & Authenticity

We are not your typical hosts. Due to our creative activities, we give this outstanding place its individual identity and apply our lifestyle alchemy of worldly style, to infuse this new project with our passions of life to create a unique place to bring together people, culture, creativity, and fun.
We are committed to capturing the essence of boutique farm living with a peaceful ambiance, nestled in preserved nature, where our guests can experience modern comforts and the beauty of nature in a rural setting.

Aari Ona - The Name

A little anecdote about how we chose the domain’s name. The name Aari Ona derives from the Basque language: Ahari (pronounced Aari) – ram, and ona – good, which translates into “bon belier” in French or “good aries” in English; both of us were born under this astrological sign. 

Merci beaucoup and we sincerely look forward to welcoming you
Angelika & Jens Eric Büttner